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We got insurance with ihc solutions now known as Ebix in July 2016. In August 2017 we went to the er and when it came time to renew we were renewed two times after that and then almost a year later they deny coverage due to that visit with the er.They took our money all those months and then we went to the er again in July 2018 due to chest pain and was treated.

We were then notified days later we didn’t have coverage.

This company is a scam and out to take ones hard worked money. They don’t even reply to our emails.

Reason of review: Fraudulent company took our money knowing about the “pre existing condition” and then denied coverage almost a year later.

I didn’t like that we were taken advantage of and the fact that we were ripped off by this so called company that is supposed to help people in need.

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I'm confused by the repeated use of the pronoun "we". Was it yourself, your spouse, your kids, who ?

Have you ever read your insurance policy ?

Be honest ... that said, I think insurance companies are amongst the worst of thieves and parasites, cutting themselves in on a large piece of pie when they do nothing to assist either the patient or provider.

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